What is the scope of PCD Pharma franchise business?

One of the most successful business formats these days are PCD pharmaceuticals franchise which is taking the whole Indian pharmaceuticals business by storm. The business format has all the qualities as to why everyone is choosing it out of the blues. The Industry of pharmaceuticals is one of the best business industries which an individual can make the most money out of it. on a global platform, the industry is an estimated more than 1 Trillion Dollars. All thanks to the growing awareness of people around the world.

PCD is popular in India and around the whole globe. With an annual growth of 14% to 17%, one can surely imagine the big scope the industry provides to its on lookers.

What Is PCD in Pharmaceuticals?

An abbreviation of Propaganda Cum Distribution, PCD is a small franchise business format. Like a franchise being offered by a company, organization or enterprise, PCD franchise is being offered in the pharmaceuticals world. The industry introduces us to two formats. One is pharma franchise and the other is PCD pharma franchise.

PCD franchise is still something new to the Indian pharmaceuticals industry. It is gaining a lot of attention. The main difference between pharma franchise and PCD is their size and benefits of which PCD is a smaller scale of pharma franchise. A single franchise owner can have many PCDs working under him. Here are the benefits of owing a PCD franchise business:

  • Cut on cost like administration, set up etc.
  • Good returns on investment and save on loads of profits is the essence.
  • Monopoly rights are given to you. Thus, no competition for you.
  • Genuine investment planning.
  • Endowed with marketing inputs like calendars, pens etc.
  • Good growth opportunities with endless opportunities.
  • Ideal for Individuals who are looking for a genuine business deal.
  • Minimum risks as you are supported by a company.
  • You are yourself the boss here.

Small to medium companies with limited access to production and marketing can adopt this business.
People with minimum quantity and hard working spirit can avail it. It requires your good salesmanship. PCD has the biggest benefits of NO Targets which gives you less pressure to have sales target meet which is not in case of pharma franchise. You will definitely need your Tax Identification Number (TIN), Tax Identification No. (TIN), Drug License & Partnership deed for applying in any franchise company.