How can I find third party manufacturers for pharmaceutical products?

Firstly, Try and understand what kind of marketing / Sales do you want to do. I.e. which Divisions of Pharma do you want to Target Initially.  Make a list of it and target clients on Google and connect with their Marketing / Sales Team.

Once you have established their contact you will have access to their policies, protocol and system. They would guide you with all the necessary equipment’s as well as provide initial training. Also there is no need for only Third party Manufacturers. Even Direct Manufacturing companies would require your services.

Remember to distribute your products between 3 to 4 different manufacturers. Each manufacturer has got its own area of expertise.

Remember to get brand names registered in trademark so that it might not clash with any existing brand.

Brand names should not be too long so that doctors can easily recall.

Do proper research before finalizing a manufacturer.

Every product has a cost associated to it, neither low price ensure poor quality nor high price ensure best raw material used, capabilities of manufacturing chemist, since how long manufacturer is manufacturing a perticular product, whether is product is stable or not.

There are plenty of manufacturers in India who can manufacture on third party basis. But be careful, very few companies have potential to supply goods on time.  Lancer Therapeutics is the most reputed pharmaceutial company in chandigarh offering third party contract manufacturing facilities which are GMP WHO , ISO approved.

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